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Why ‘devo-max’ won’t lead to lower tax

Quite a few right-wingers in Scotland now favour more tax powers for the Scottish Parliament. Some of them want outright independence and others think the move will stave it off, but they all reckon that, with more ‘fiscal accountability’, Holyrood … Continue reading

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Prokofiev and Miers-Beckenbauer

With the knock-out phase of Euro 2012 upon us, this is where the Miers-Beckenbauer solution to the penalty shoot-out conundrum comes into its own.

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Muddle #3: Renewable energy

As with monetary policy, leaving the UK will actually reduce Scotland’s influence over renewable energy. Trying to square this circle is a mistake, but the SNP has made such a fuss about green economics that they’re now trapped into an impossible … Continue reading

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What’s the optimal currency for an independent Scotland (or muddle #2)?

Nationalists are in something of a no-win situation when it comes to the currency. But actually they’ve made the least-bad choice, according to US currency expert Lawrence White.

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Would Salmond abandon the Falklands?

If a state such as the UK breaks up, its assets and liabilities should be divided on reasonable lines, perhaps proportionately to GDP or population, or according to some sensible geographic or cultural delineation.

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Muddle #1: The armed forces in a separate Scotland

In my last blog I mentioned three muddles the SNP have already got themselves into. Since I wrote about their defence policy in The Scotsman today, I’d better start with the military muddle.

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Three muddles and a dilemma for Scots Nationalists

The nationalist campaign for Scottish independence got off to a good start, with Alex Salmond wrong footing his opponents in the early stages.

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