Rangers – like a phoenix from the ashes

Here’s my theory on why the demise of Rangers could be good for Scottish football:

  1. Rangers and Celtic have the wrong strategy. They use their financial muscle to out-buy their domestic rivals in the mediocre Balkan player market.
  2. This approach will never win in Europe where they can’t compete financially.
  3. The only way to win for small-country clubs in Europe is by fielding a home-grown team – like the Portuguese clubs
  4. Rangers will be forced down this route by exile in the lower divisions. Mediocre Balkan players will no longer want to play for them.
  5. They will bob to the surface a few years hence with a renewed sense of identity and a team forged from young Scots players. They will beat complacent, mercenary, Balkan-manned Celtic.
  6. A new dawn of home-grown Old Firm teams will dawn, feeding through to a better national team.

For more detail, read my new column at ThinkScotland!

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