Olympic spend #2 (old rockers)

I enjoyed the closing ceremony – despite the weird retro IOC eurobabble that kept interrupting the rock concert (did people who actually saw the sport bits of the Olympics have to put up with that the whole time?). Dreading Paul McCartney doing Hey Jude at the end added a certain frisson to proceedings.

But it was my boy who had the best insight. Watching it again the next day with him, he asked how much it cost to attend the concert. £10, perhaps?

“No idea, but probably in the hundreds,” I replied, hoping to impress him with the magnitude of the event.

“Why would anyone pay that when you can just watch it on TV?” he replied.

I chuckled at first at his naivety. But then, on a second watch, he had a point. For most of the big acts were on TV, even for the concert goers. Hardly any of them turned up, being dead, or too old, or too cool, or too argumentative. Lennon, Bowie, McCartney, Mercury, the Pink Floyd people, the other Oasis brother. All either covered by nonentities or simply showed on TV. George Michael was there, but he seemed to have forgotten both the lyrics and the tunes of his songs. Ray Davies (the Kinks) and Annie Lennox likewise.

People sometimes say Britain lives in the past. Judging by our rock music, they have a point.

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One Response to Olympic spend #2 (old rockers)

  1. Mark Richards says:

    Tom, would agree up to a point. We can only hope that you are not alone in your view and that the 2012 London Olympics, which were, in the round, brilliant, will also mark the end of rolling onto the stage in their wheel chairs have-beens who no longer can sing. You may have hoped, that the money they have made from us during their careers is gratitude enough without the need to ‘honour’ them in this way as we sit cringing…

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