Whatever happened to stiff upper lip?

Why are men forever crying in public these days? Andy Murray, Gordon Brown, Michael Vaughan, Chris Hoy – what’s got into them all? I used to think this deplorable wetness was a global thing to do with the general soppiness of the age. But apparently it’s much worse here in Britain and is being noticed abroad.

A survey of Olympic medal ceremonies by the Wall Street Journal found that 37.5% of British winners blubbed on getting their gong, compared to 17% of Americans and just 9% of Chinese. As the Times Simon Hills points out , to be twice as tearful as the Yanks is seriously worrying.

Actually I reckon Murray would have kept it in if he hadn’t been forced to give an interview just after losing Wimbledon, so he’s semi-forgiven, but the others? Well, really.

Surely the whole point of being an adult human is that you control your emotions rather than the other way round. The ideal is to act on reason rather than passion. Brits, like Republican Romans, used to be good at gravitas (or stiff upper lip). It gave us an edge. Now, like the Imperial Romans before us, we’re losing it fast.

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2 Responses to Whatever happened to stiff upper lip?

  1. Erikka Askeland says:

    This blog has got me weeping in my salad

  2. georgebinning says:

    Jamie Oliver bursts into tears every time someone points a camera at him, and he’s not chopping onions. Red Ken had a go, blood from stone though!

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