Middle-Earth and other worlds

Society is divided into two camps: Those who like thealternative reality of Tolkein / Star Wars and those who find the whole thing infantile and unrealistic. When visiting a ruined castle, those in the first camp imagine themselves wielding a battle axe. The second at best are interested in the lumpish art on display. The first enjoy sport and games as a proxy for battle or adventure, the second as a tactical puzzle or a physical challenge.

From observation, among males the split is perhaps 60/40, among females something like 20/80.

Watching The Hobbit last week I was annoyed by the way Peter Jackson made it so unrealistic. The monsters are far too big, the heroes are forever falling off cliffs and surviving. Here’s my review of the film, by the way. The wife thought it was all unrealistic, so why not have a few more roller coaster rides?

I don’t like Harry Potter because it’s got real people in it who break the spell all the time. The wife likes it because it has real people in it.

My children like them both.

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