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Playing with numbers SNP style

Glancing through the Scottish Government’s latest analysis of the impact of Brexit on Scotland (Scotland’s Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment) it’s difficult to believe that this has been produced by supposedly impartial civil servants. The language is highly … Continue reading

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Will Scotland miss out on a UK productivity boost?

For years now Britain has relied on attracting workers from abroad to grow its economy. In other words we’ve been becoming bigger as a country but not much richer as individual citizens (on average). Businesses have preferred to hire more … Continue reading

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Abroad – and back again

In 2013 we went to go and live in Brussels for a couple of years. Since we returned in 2015 I haven’t got round to blogging until now, though I’ve written a few articles in the media which are on … Continue reading

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Scandinavia is Tory

Just as in 1707 the debate on Scottish independence revolves around pounds and pence rather than national identity. I can’t work out whether this is a triumphant display of the continuity of Scottish pragmatism and penny-wariness down the centuries, or … Continue reading

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Post Leveson proves the case against Leveson

Until the Leveson Report came out I was pretty agnostic about the whole thing. Aren’t we all ‘regulated’ by Parliament, after all? In a sense, having to regulate the press via an arm’s length body might actually make it harder … Continue reading

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The churches need to work out what their audiences might like and offer it to them

I attended a wonderful Church of Scotland memorial service yesterday. The eulogies were excellent, the readings appropriate and the hymns were classics such as ‘Onward Christian soldiers’ and ‘I vow to thee my country’. You would never hear these in … Continue reading

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The e-cigarette revolution

I’m fascinated by e-cigarettes. In case you haven’t seen them, they look just like real fags, weigh a bit more, and have a light that glows when you puff on them. Instead of inhaling tobacco smoke, you drag on, and … Continue reading

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