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The churches need to work out what their audiences might like and offer it to them

I attended a wonderful Church of Scotland memorial service yesterday. The eulogies were excellent, the readings appropriate and the hymns were classics such as ‘Onward Christian soldiers’ and ‘I vow to thee my country’. You would never hear these in … Continue reading

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The e-cigarette revolution

I’m fascinated by e-cigarettes. In case you haven’t seen them, they look just like real fags, weigh a bit more, and have a light that glows when you puff on them. Instead of inhaling tobacco smoke, you drag on, and … Continue reading

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Snob’s law

I’m a big fan of Stuart Waiton and his brave one-man crusade against the Scottish Government’s censorship of football fans. He’s just brought out a new book, Snobs’ Law: Criminalising Football Fans in an Age of Intolerance.

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Whatever happened to stiff upper lip?

Why are men forever crying in public these days? Andy Murray, Gordon Brown, Michael Vaughan, Chris Hoy – what’s got into them all? I used to think this deplorable wetness was a global thing to do with the general soppiness … Continue reading

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What is Scottishness?

The commentator Matthew Parris came up with an interesting way of defining cultural identity recently. It can either be based on ‘affinity’ or ‘affiliation’.

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Olympic spend

Does this table look familiar? USA China Japan Germany France Brazil UK

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Rangers – like a phoenix from the ashes

Here’s my theory on why the demise of Rangers could be good for Scottish football: Rangers and Celtic have the wrong strategy. They use their financial muscle to out-buy their domestic rivals in the mediocre Balkan player market.

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