See below for books and reports authored or edited by Tom Miers

East & West: Catharsis. A novel by David Capel

Scotland’s World Cup. Tom Miers.
ThinkScotland October 2011. Download here: FootballOct11

Democracy and the Fall of the West. Tom Miers & Craig Smith. Imprint Academic March 2011.

Worth the Candle? The Economic Impact of Renewable Energy Policy in Scotland and the UK. Richard Marsh and Tom Miers. Verso Feb 2011WORTHTHECANDLE_ES
A full version is available from

The Devolution Distraction: How Scotland’s Constitutional Obsession Leads To Bad Government. Tom Miers. Policy Exchange July 2010. DEVOLUTIONDISTRACTION

A New Source: Finding A Better Way To Fund Investment In Scotland’s Water Industry. Graham Bell & Tom Miers. Reform Scotland Feb 2010. ANewSource

Faster Growth, Greener Scotland: A Discussion On Reforming The Scottish Planning System. Tom Miers. Reform Scotland Oct 2008. Planning08

The Importance of Rural Post Offices. An assessment of the economic and social role of post offices in remote rural Scotland. Tom Miers. Postwatch September 2006. Report

The New Land Economy: A New Approach To Planning, Development, Conservation & Infrastructure. Mark Pennington & Tom Miers. Policy Institute Dec 2006. PenningtonDec06

Old Stones In A New Setting: Breathing Life Into Scotland’s Built Heritage. Tom Miers. Policy Institute Nov 2006. MiersNov06

A Liberal State To Set Scotland Free. Chapter 7 of Scotland’s Ten Tomorrows, Continuum Oct 2006. ALiberalStateOct2006

University Bonds: Using Graduates’ Future Income To Fund Higher Education. Ben Reilly. ReillyFeb06

Beyond The New Consensus: Introducing Price Competition Into Public Services. Tom Miers. Policy Institute Mar 2004. MiersMar04

Scotland’s Hidden Tax Cutting Powers: How Scotland Can Cut Taxes To Boost Growth – Within The Existing Devolution Settlement. Adam Bruce & Tom Miers. Policy Institute Oct 2003. BruceOct03