Recent newspaper articles and other media appearances by Tom Miers

Scots can prepare for yet more tax rises. Telegraph 3rd January 2018. TelegraphJan18

Why Scotland turned its back on Project Hate. Daily Mail 11th June 2017. MailJun17

Scotland’s tax and spend conundrum. Times 23rd March 2017. TimesMar17

Pulling together to get the best out of Brexit. Times 14th February 2017. TimesFeb17

Tweaking tax is no way to fix the Scottish economy. Times December 2016. TimesTaxDec16

Why we shouldn’t choose Brussels over Britain. Times 5th December 2016. Times051216

Sliding into Englishness. Scotsman 7th September 2012. ScotsmansimilarAug12

SNP NATO u-turn is defenceless. Scotsman 1st September 2012. ScotsmanNATOAug12

A crisis of democracy – not capitalism. Salisbury Review September 2012. SalRevcrisisJul12

Is the British economy actually improving? Scotsman 16th August 2012. Scotsmanunemplyment150812

The age of flexibility. Sunday Herald 29th July 2012. SunHeraldlabourmktJun12v2

Scotland can offer the strategic alternative. Scotsman 10th July 2012. ScotsmannewagendaJul12v2

Educators at bottom of the class. Scottish education is costing more and more for less and less. Scotsman 29th June 2012. ScotsmaneducationJun12

Tin pot army. Independence would destroy the Scottish military tradition for good. Scotsman 8th June 2012. Scotsmanarmy210512

Flash of genius! If Cameron really is a modern Flashman, his opponents should be worried. Daily Mail 25th May 2012. MailFlashmanMay12

The radicals. The coalition has been bolder than its critics give credit for. Scotsman 10th May 2012. ScotsmanqueensspeechMay12

Have the wheels come off the plan to make Scotland a global player? Sunday Herald 8th April 2012. SunHeraldAllanderJan12

Is Scotland right to duck NHS reform? Daily Mail 10th March 2012. MailHealthMar12v2

The Rainmaker. Scotland’s real boom industry may not be oil or green energy – but water, says Tom Miers. Daily Mail 25th February. MailWaterFeb12

SNP’s oil fund pipe dream. Alex Salmond could have stashed away £5bn from North Sea revenues already if he had really wanted to, but the opportunity has been squandered. Scotsman 21st February. ScotsmanOilFeb12

Would Salmond’s Scotland abandon the Falklands? From bank bail-outs to overseas commitments, are Scottish nationalists right to leave Britain holding the baby? Daily Mail Saturday 14th January 2012. MailScotobligationsJan12

Back to the old school. Tom Miers charts the decline of Scotland’s schools and asks what can be done. Daily Mail 17th December 2011. MailSchoolsNov11

Labour’s home-grown Plan McB. Large scale government borrowing and tax powers are already held by the Scottish Government. So why aren’t they being used? Sunday Herald 13th November. SunHerald101111

Where does the oil money go? Scotland gets its oil money already. The question is how the windfall is spent. Daily Mail 5th November 2011. MailOilOct11

PRESS RELEASE: Scotland’s World Cup. “Scotland should host football tournament to transform domestic game”. Download press release: FootballOct11PR

Scotland’s World Cup. Scotsman 20th October 2011. FootballOct11oped. Full report under Publications.

The new political battleground – fighting the predatory ‘were-market’. Scotsman 5th October 2011. ScotsmanWereMarkOct11

Can IDS cure poverty in Scotland? Iain Duncan Smith is on a mission to fix Broken Britain. But will his ideas work in Scotland? Scottish Daily Mail 24th September 2011. MailIDSSep11v2

Sounds and fury signifying nothing. The Scottish Government’s new Economic Strategy is political hot air and offers nothing to business. Sunday Herald 18th September 2011. SunHeraldeconstrat130911

Rethink poverty, rethink answers. How a marriage of philanthropy and commercial incentive could be the way out of one of our most intractable problems. The Scotsman 3rd August. ScotsmanWelfareAug11

Fiddling while Scotland burns through the billions. The latest figures show the scale of Scotland’s problems. Yet Alex Salmond is focussed on independence at any price. Tom Miers argues that the Scottish Government’s programme is a recipe for disaster. The Scotsman 7th July 2011. ScotsmanSNPJun11

Flaws in thinking exposed. In the aftermath of their electoral implosion, the way back for the Lib -Dems is to return to their philosophical roots. The Scotsman 6th May 2011. ScotsmanLiberalsMay11

Bonds May Hold Key To Funding Education. The Scotsman 19th November 2010. ScotsmanUnivNov10

Very Poor Results: Must Try Harder. Education in Scotland needs to be turned upside down. The Scotsman 6th October 2010. ScotsmanSchoolsOct10

The Coalition’s Economic Policies Will Do Wonders For The Scottish Economy. Sunday Herald 3rd October 2010. SunHeraldEconomyOct10

Labour Can Tackle ‘Artificial Poverty’. The Scotsman 3rd September 2010. ScotsmanLabourAug10v2

Scottish Enterprise: Worth Its Weight In Gold? Sunday Herald 25th July 2010. SunHerald250710

BBC Newsnight Scotland feature on The Devolution Distraction. 15th July 2010.

This Devolution Obsession Is Wrecking Scotland. The Scotsman 15th July 2010. Scotsman150710

Beware The Scottish Crunch. Sunday Herald 13th June 2010. SunHerald130610

What Does A Tory Victory Mean For Scottish Business? Sunday Herald 9th May 2010. SunHerald090510

How To Wash Away Scottish Water’s Problems. Sunday Herald February 2010. SunHerald220210

Local Income Tax – Holyrood’s Biggest Mistake In The Making. The Scotsman 19th September 2007. LIT190907