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5 point plan for Scotland’s economy

It’s a common misconception that the Scottish Parliament ‘lacks the tools to improve the Scottish economy’. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I’d estimate that 85% of what governments can do to improve economic performance is already … Continue reading

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All benefits should be universal

You can’t talk about the benefits system unless you mention taxes too. Both have become so complicated that fiddling with one has unpredictable consequences for the other. The only sensible solution is for all benefits to be universal, regardless of … Continue reading

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Olympic spend

Does this table look familiar? USA China Japan Germany France Brazil UK

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Why ‘devo-max’ won’t lead to lower tax

Quite a few right-wingers in Scotland now favour more tax powers for the Scottish Parliament. Some of them want outright independence and others think the move will stave it off, but they all reckon that, with more ‘fiscal accountability’, Holyrood … Continue reading

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