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Exam puzzles

The row about exam results in England presents something of a puzzle. If (as the government seems to admit) GCSE’s suffer from grade inflation, does that mean that the improvements in English schools over the last decade and more are … Continue reading

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Snob’s law

I’m a big fan of Stuart Waiton and his brave one-man crusade against the Scottish Government’s censorship of football fans. He’s just brought out a new book, Snobs’ Law: Criminalising Football Fans in an Age of Intolerance.

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Romney’s right

Despite my almost complete lack of interest in US politics, I couldn’t resist clicking through to Mitt Romney’s latest gaffe. Writing off half the electorate is a bit of a howler, but doesn’t he make an important point?

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Whatever happened to stiff upper lip?

Why are men forever crying in public these days? Andy Murray, Gordon Brown, Michael Vaughan, Chris Hoy – what’s got into them all? I used to think this deplorable wetness was a global thing to do with the general soppiness … Continue reading

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What is Scottishness?

The commentator Matthew Parris came up with an interesting way of defining cultural identity recently. It can either be based on ‘affinity’ or ‘affiliation’.

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Time to denationalise planning

The wind farm controversy shows how ineffective our planning system is. A lot of people are vaguely in favour of wind farms, but that’s because they don’t live anywhere near them.

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I’m going to marry my cat

It’s official: the deep feelings between me and my cat are to be solemnised in a marriage ceremony.

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Barak Obama: My part in his downfall

Actually I’ve got nothing against Obama. I couldn’t give a hoot who wins the US Presidential election. But I was amused to see Mitt Romney citing some of my research in one of his policy documents attacking the President. 

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